Joe Exotic Tiger King - Framed Cross-Stitch


$ 185.00

  • Inspired by the pop-culture phenomenon: Tiger King!

    What could possibly make a better cross-stitch than Joe Exotic's rambling campaign videos?

    I am not cutting my hair.
    I refuse to wear a suit.
    I am gay.
    I've had some kinky sex.
    I've tried drugs.
    I'm broke as shit.

    I can relate to....most of these, as can many of you stitchers out there.

    For the design of this pattern I was inspired by classic antique "prayer" cross-stitch designs where key words of prayers or scriptures are randomly capitalized.

    Except this is the gospel of Joe. one wants to hear it.

    This original design uses a navy blue vintage font, and a vintage border inspired by traditional floral cross stitch motifs in green, blue, red, yellow, and a healthy amount of orange.

    Because tigers are orange.

    Get it?


    Hand stitched and Framed in an 8x10 brown wood frame

    All patterns are © Stephanie Rohr 2010-2020
    Patterns are for personal use only. Please do not share images of my pattern charts. The selling of patterns and/or finished products for profit is not permitted.

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